Job : Volunteer Program Coordinator (100% remote)

Please send your application to before November 28, 2020 with a resume and a cover letter (explain in French why you are interested in this position + explain in English what you can bring to Say Ça! and how you can be an asset four our Team).This position is open to people between the ages of 15 and 30 who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or refugees.


20h/week x 12 weeks = 240h

Position to be filled no later than December 7, 2020


Say Ça! is a charity that offers Saturday mornings of tutoring, group workshop and cultural outings to new Canadian youth (ages 10 to 18). We are looking for an Education Program Co-Ordinator to support our team of volunteers.  

Qualifications required:

  • English and French
  • Autonomy and proactivity
  • Organized and methodical person
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Knowledge of suite Office 365 online


  • Monitor volunteer attendance
    • Follow-up based on attendance sheet
    • Increase participation
  • Gather volunteer feedback
    • Evaluation tools (existing)
    • Satisfaction tools (existing)
  • Training / workshop – In collaboration with Executive Director, Volunteer Coordinator and Program Coordinator
    • Search for training opportunities
    • Prepare list of potential facilitators
    • Contribute to training program for volunteers
  •  Enhance the current volunteer coordination tools
    • Recruitment tools
    • Welcome tools
    • Volunteer recognition (reference letter, gift + article)
    • Create a Sharepoint for onboarding
  • Welcome new volunteers (if necessary)
    • Create a video for onboarding video
  • Possibility to develop similar tools for student coordination

Supervision, Mentoring Plan and Individual coaching

  • You will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator.  
  • Say Ça! offers mentoring for the employee who will be filling this position, a minimum of two meetings per month with your mentor is planned.
  • Mentoring: Encouraging the employee to develop his or her strengths and helping him or her to develop his or her abilities, motivating him or her to achieve his or her professional goals by providing support from experienced workers. A reverse mentoring program will be offered, giving the employee the opportunity to share his or her acquired knowledge with the team.

Skills Development Plan

  • Teamwork: The youth hired will learn to work collaboratively with the rest of the team, being part of the group to reach the organizational goals and objectives for 2020.
  • Leadership: The participant will develop this skill by managing transitions, planning future activities and their expected results and mastering change in an environment that will require self-discipline and a high degree of responsibility.
  • Communication: The following competencies will be strengthened: listening to others and writing communication, with volunteers and mentors.

Work experience

  • We will provide a career-related work experience in Human Resources and non-for-profit management
  • We do not intend to retain the youth as an employee at the end of the agreement due to budget limitations.

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