Welcome Back!

Last Saturday, Say Ça! resumed tutoring and group workshops for young students at Concordia University.  As returning figures embraced each other back, the first meeting also welcomed new faces into the mix. New additions included freshly eager kids, tutors, and animators — who subsequently all participated in ice-breaking activities with the rest of the group.

The school year is quickly wrapping up for Say Ça! students. The French tutoring lessons served both; as an essential training, as well as a confidence booster for our youngsters — going into the final stretch of their academic obligations.

Capping of the fresh start, our youths enjoyed pleasant games that encouraged them to express themselves about the importance of everyday principles and values.

Prior to the reunion, Say Ça! participated in the 2017 edition of the RBC Soccer Cup. The Say Ça! team, composed of volunteers and kids, impressed in highly competitive, but ultimately amicable games. During this tournament, our young representatives demonstrated their endless love for Soccer.

A truly great start to a truly great group!

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