Canada 150

Happy 150th birthday Canada!

On July 1, Canada’s biggest birthday bash welcomed special visitors to the nation’s capital. The Say Ça! team — composed of kids and volunteers — braved the “not-so” festive weather to celebrate Canada’s special day. As locals, visitors and tourists all assembled on Parliament Hill, Say Ça! students, decorated in Canadian colors, showcased their love for the country despite Ottawa’s gray skies.

Kids and Volunteers, along with thousands of fellow Canadians, brandished the Maple Leaf symbol on their head, face and body.  While Say Ça! was in fact in full voice on Parliament Hill, the team also toured around Ottawa discovering many new places.  It is safe to say that this celebration was a great moment for the kids to learn and appreciate the history and the diversity that makes their home so special.

This amazing experience would not have been possible without the generous support of all who contributed during Say Ça’s restaurant day event. A special thank you also goes — once again — to all the donors on the GoFundMe page. Your continuous support is making sure that events and celebrations like these are a success!

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