Discover origami with fun

If you weren’t able to participate in our origami workshop session or are just discovering this activity now, find the content of our session in this article.

What is origami?

ORIGAMI or the art of folding paper is native to Japan. The aim is to be able to build three-dimensional shapes always from folded paper without using any adhesive or binder. This word is a contraction of two Japanese words: “ORU” which means “to fold” and “KAMI” which means “Paper”.

More than a simple activity or hobby, origami is elevated to the rank of art thanks to complex and magnificent creations always composed exclusively of folded paper only.

Discover now several folding models, from the simplest to the most complex.

For starters, how do you make a paper casserole?

[Videos] Want to discover other models?

Beginner level: The Horse

Intermediate Level: Japanese Crane

Intermediate Level: Elephant Bookmark

Advanced Level: Corgi

Advanced Level+: Pinwheel cube

Here are our achievements, it’s up to you now!

Education and leisure at the heart of our action our action

This activity was proposed during a group workshop session organized by our organization Say Ça! Every Saturday, we offer tutoring sessions in English and French followed by a workshop session on different topics: gardening, photography, video games, origami and much more.

If you would like us to organize a workshop around a specific activity or topic, please do not hesitate to send us a message via the contact form.

See you soon and good folding to you!

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