A journey by Mohammed Janoudi

Arrived in the 27th of February 2017, a 15 years old student from Saudi Arabia. I joined a school with no welcome classes, faced french as new language without knowing any single word. I faced a lot of challenges since its was the end of the year, doing the math and science ministry exams. I dedicated myself to pass the year, studied hard even though I was barely understanding any words. I passed both exams with high marks which were my first achievement.

Secondary 5, was my senior year. Added chemistry, physics and advanced math because I wanted health science in college. Everything seemed going with the flow till April 2019, I got refused from 4 colleges. The fact that the refusal decision devastated me a lot, and it almost let me down. I dedicated myself to never stop chasing my dreams, its not the end of the world. Worked harder and harder to achieve my 2019 goal, by November 2019, I got finally accepted at John Abbott’s college science. I got a huge influence from my family, and friends that led to my achievement, appreciate them all.

Currently, I am a 17 years old college student, who speaks french fluently. Life taught me that it will keep letting us down, but we should fight to stand up again and again, life is not a sunshine, it will beat us up to our knees and we must keep moving forward.

That’s how achievements are done. Don’t give up!

Mohammed Janoudi

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