Portrait of the month: Aseel

Behind Aseel’s sweet and mischievous gaze, a strong desire for success hides her main challenge: to become a neurosurgeon or pharmacist in the future. A Palestinian girl born in Lebanon, the 15 year old arrived in Quebec three years ago with her parents and two brothers. Aseel started her elementary school in grade six and she is now in high school. Her main difficulty is to reach the same level of French as her classmates and she works hard everyday to achieve this.

Aseel enjoys reading and walking for long hours. She spends most of her free time studying, especially French and Turkish.

She misses her friends from Lebanon, as well as her uncles, aunts and cousins. Even though she already has many friends in Montreal. She hopes to see them again in the near future.

Two years ago, Aseel learned about Say Ça!, where she has received the help to make huge progress in French. As a reminder, Aseel did not speak a word of French when she first came to Quebec.

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