Portrait of the month: Benoît

There is no doubt that Benoit’s vocation is to serve the human being to help him to take steps in life. Former student of HEC and having obtained his PPCC (personal professional coach certificate) at the University of Concordia, he is now a coach and consultant in IT (information technology). Having worked in an IT project management company and for two years for the Dr Julien Foundation, which deals with children in vulnerable situations, Benoit is now helping people to organize themselves by setting up structures for that they can achieve their goals. This support is as good in the professional life as in the private life, because there is an obvious interdependence. Benoit practices his profession and his passion for adults aged 30 to 40 in Quebec, Ontario and the USA.

It is only natural that Benoit turned to Say Ça! since March 2019 to put his skills as a volunteer at the service of the association. He is a tutor in French and English and contributes to the development of computer science to improve help tools such as setting up an internal site for tutors, installing Office 365 and purchasing of 11 used computers. Thus, the links between guardians and children are developed and strengthened.

It was during a visit with the children to the Olympic House in March that Benoit had the click: it was seeing them discover with wonder this new place that he became aware that he was in the right place in the right association.

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