Marco in Quebec

Hello! my name is Marco Eduardo, I am 18 years old, and I am from Mexico. I live in Canada, I have been living  in this country for six months, and I am so happy to be in Longueuil, a beautiful town in the province of Quebec. I have been studying in French school for the past two months, the  thing I like the most in my school is the way my teacher makes me confident by using Spanish to help me understand the class better. I have made good friends coming from other countries like Jordan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. I like their way to be optimist by smiling.

At home, I help my mother in the kitchen, cleaning, and other things. During my free time, I like playing video-games and reading books. sometimes in the afternoon I go outside to walk and spend time in coffee shops and the park with my friends. In the future I would like to get a good job to helping people.

Longueuil is a good city but there is another city I like more, Montreal. Montreal was the first place I visited in Quebec, Canada, and I like this beautiful city very much. The weather is good for me and  there are many places to go and have fun with friends. For example, I can talk about the cinema, park, restaurants, sport places, concerts and the Malls.

Canada is a good country to live and make your dream come true.

I wish you the best, and have fun in Canada, there so much to know and travel.

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