From Metepec to Montreal

I am a Mexican guy living in Montreal. Since I arrived 7 months ago, I have lived a lot of new experiences here. I will try to tell you how the change was for me and how I adapted to this new lifestyle.

The weather. It is very cold, when the weather is so cold you need to stay in a warm place like your house or school, coffee shop, library – there is a lot of them in Montreal. The summer is very short so the people enjoy it as much as possible to stay outside, usually people go to parks or patios. The public transport in Montreal is very efficient, because it connects with all the good Universities. The metro is very useful especially during the winter because it keeps you warm. In Montreal coffee shops are very popular to hang out with your friends.

I love that in Montreal you can meet people from a lot of countries. In fact most of my friends come from outside Canada. Therefore, I can try food from diferent countries for example, my favorite food is the Portuguese chicken at “Ma Poule Mouillée”.

Despite the cold weather in Montreal during the winter there are a lot of festivals and activities to do such as igloofest, la nuit blanche, la fete des neiges, etc. Also, during the summer you will find a lot of activities to do like: Piknic Electronik, Osheaga, Jazz festival, Juste Cirque, Villa Paradiso and the last one Saint-Jean-De-Baptiste that takes place in the national day of Québec.

Unfortunately, I arrived in Canada at the end of the summer, so the last year I just went to Villa Paradiso and for me, it was one of my best experiences in Montreal. Now I am looking forward to the summer to enjoy all the activities I mentioned before. I had good and bad experiences in Montreal like in all other cities but I am sure that my best memories belong to Montreal, my new home city.

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