Damascus & Montreal

There are too many differences between Damascus and Montreal but today I will talk about social life and the beautiful seasons.

First, the social life is more difficult in Montreal, like making friends. In Damascus, I have a lot of friends maybe because they speak Arabic, so they seem more social and friendly. When I came to Montreal everything was new. I did not have friends or someone that I knew. At school there were lots of teachers, and they helped me to find new friends.

We have the same number of seasons in Montreal and Damascus but the weather and the temperature are very different. The summer in the first city is hot sometimes but very wet and too rainy. In the second one, the summer is just very hot. It is always snowing and too cold during the winter. For example , the temperature can sometimes reach -25 in Quebec. In Syria, it is raining a lot and it is cold but there is not a lot of snow and the coldest temperature is -5. Spring and fall are usually the same in the two countries.

So there is a bit of contrast and nice things about both countries.


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