Our Team

Our team is made up of dynamic and engaged volunteers
who value youth empowerment, diversity and social connection.

Meet the staff

You can e-mail any of our staff members by writting their first name @saycamontreal.ca

Executive Director


Sonia is a project manager. She is passionate about meeting new people and learning. Sonia loves the diversity at Say Ça! and has been with us since the beginning. Did you know Sonia can read Arabic but cannot speak it?

Development Officer


Victoria is an international development professional with experience in research on forced migration. She has lived in many different countries and has firsthand experience with doing coursework in a new language, which is why she is excited about being part of Say Ça! Her hobbies include yoga, reading historical fiction, and playing basketball.

Student Coordinator


Leen is a doctor who is passionate about learning from people of all cultures. Bringing a sense of belonging to students who went through big changes in their lives brings Leen to Say Ça! Did you know that Leen loves to dance to any kind of music?

Program Officer


Marion is a speech therapist. She is passionate about working with autistic children. Marion is proud and loves the community we have built at Say Ça! since the beginning. Did you know Marion is afraid of cats, even the small cute ones?

Mentorship Specialist


Abdel is a PhD student in Neuroscience at McGill. He is passionate about about learning and encouraging people around him to do the same. He loves the diversity at Say Ça! and has been with us since 2016. Did you know Abdel has over 40 houseplants?

Tech Support


Benoît is an IT Consultant, Coach and Facilitator. He adores finding solutions to problems. Benoît loves positive environment at Say Ça! and has been with us since 2019. Did you know Benoît’s friends call him “Human Google”?

Social Media Officer


Florian is a QA tester. He loves following the latest technology innovations and space explorations. At Say Ça! since 2019, Florian loves the group cohesion between the team and with the students. Did you know Florian is a meme expert?

Program Consultant


Diana is a student mobility advisor. She is passionate about learning new languages. She loves that Say Ça! is a diverse space for sharing and learning, not only for the students but also for the volunteers. Did you know Diana likes to crochet, knit and sew?

Fundraising Team



Development Officer

Anne Gabrielle

AG is an independent researcher and journalist with a passion for podcasts. AG loves the willingness to help at Say Ça! and has been with us since 2018. Did you know she watches cooking shows to reduce stress?

Management Consultant


Mahsa is a director. She is passionate about gardening and nutrition. Having been with us since the beginning, Mahsa loves that Say Ça! is an inititative of talented youth who are engaged with our community. Did you know Mahsa is a foodie?

ESL Program



ESL Program

Muhammad Alaa

Muhammad is an ESL teacher, passionate about cake. Having been with us since 2019, he likes Say Ça!’s warm community that offers a diverse perspective to our communities. Did you know Muhammad is a very fast swimmer?

ESL Program


Kristen is an ESL teacher. She is passionate about protecting the environment. Kristen loves the welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Say Ça! Did you know Kristen has travelled to 24 different countries and holds a dual citizenship with Canada and Switzerland?

Event Coordinator


Meet the tutors

Since March 2020


Antoine loves football. Plus, he’s one of the rare yet healthy ones who don’t drink coffee! What brings him at Say Ça! is the quality time he’s able to spend with students every week.

Since October 2018


Catherine is a caring psychiatrist who, in her free time, loves to eat! Say Ça! has given her the privilege to meet resilient and inspiring youth. PS: Careful not to mistake Catherine  for her twin sister, Suzie!

Since April 2016


The human brain is one of the many things that Dina is passionate about. She has volunteered with Say Ça since its creation in 2016 and she loves how it’s growing into a bigger family.

Since June 2018


Dylan is an aspiring doctor who loves to give back to his community. He loves Say Ça! for its caring people. Fun fact: he can get sunburns even when the sun is not out!

Since March 2020


Emily is an avid reader who also loves music: she plays both piano and transverse flute! She is one of our new tutors who has already fallen in love with Say Ça!’s supportive community.

Since October 2016


Gabriel is passionate about languages and travel which is why he loves getting to know Say Ça!’s students and their diverse cultures. Did you know that Gabriel can (almost perfectly) imitate the tyrannosaurus!?

Since March 2019


LP loves to walk in nature parks: here he is, on the Himalaya! At Say Ça!, he likes to meet students from the world over. He sometimes even speaks Spanish with them!

Since July 2019


Music is one of the many things Mariama is passionate about. At Say Ça!, she loves to meet dedicated volunteers and brilliant students full of potential. PS: Mariama describes herself as a Lord of the Rings nerd!

Since November 2019


Mario is a law student who is passionate about helping others. He loves the friendly dynamic between Say Ça!’s students and volunteers. He even finds himself too energetic sometimes.

Since February 2019


Maude loves the cheerfulness at Say Ça! She loves writing and…potatoes!  She can cook anything from baked potatoes to fries to French gratin dauphinois. Aren’t you hungry yet?

Since April 2016


Nour is passionate about health and physical activity. She’s involved with Say Ça! because its diversity gives everyone the opportunity to learn about new cultures.

Since march 2020


Since August 2019


Toli represents Montreal’s multiculturalism: he speaks four languages! English, French, Albanian and Spanish. He describes Say Ça! as a “huge family” with “great vibes”! Did you know that Toli has played soccer for over a decade?

Since April 2016



Since March 2020


You can find Tala eating anytime, anywhere. She loves to help and improve the lives of others, which is why she tutors at Say Ça!, where everyone’s hard work motivates and inspires her.

Since august 2020


Since July 2020


Since August 2020



Online Tutor


Since august 2020


Online Tutor


Online Tutor

Abdul Rahman


Online Tutor