Planning: October 2020

Program Planning October
Discover our program for this month of September where astronomy, video games and the art of drawing will be in the spotlight. Join us for the mentoring and tutoring sessions!

Discover origami with fun

paper boats on solid surface
If you weren’t able to participate in our origami mentoring session or are just discovering this activity now, find the content of our session in this article. What is origami? ORIGAMI or the art of folding paper is native to…

Say Ça! recruit volunteers!

tutoring-2 ressources
Say Ça! is looking for new volunteers to work with our students during our tutoring and mentoring sessions. This Montreal-based non-profit organization helps refugee and immigrant children (ages 10-18) adapt and thrive in their new life in Canada. We offer…

Planning : July 2020

This month we will continue to deliver our online mentoring services to meet the health requirements of the Covid-19.Our sessions planning are held on Saturday mornings but it is possible to arrange a tutoring session at another time during the…