About Us

About us Say Ça!

About us

Say Ça! is a volunteer-run charity that supports newcomer youth in their new life in Montreal. We offer one-on-one tutoring, a personalized English and French learning program and stimulating cultural activities.

Our Mission

Say Ça! is a charity that seeks to accompany young newcomers during their adaption into their new lives in Montreal, to become active members of their community.

Our Vision

Say Ça!’s vision is to give young students the necessary tools to succeed. Through the teaching of English and French, our mentoring sessions, and our cultural outings, our volunteers work in collaboration with the youth and their families in order to establish safe spaces and strong connections. Our approach is to enrich and empower our young students through a rewarding human relationship and an appreciation of diversity.

Our Services

We help refugees and immigrants in Montreal, aged 12 to 18. We offer free personalized French and English tutoring, to cater to their linguistic needs.

Moreover, we offer weekly mentorship and monthly cultural outings.

About our partners

Say Ça! would like to thank Equitas for awarding us the “Speaking Rights” bursary in 2017 and 2018, as well as for their constant support and friendship. We would also like to thank the Refugee Centre for providing us with our classrooms and Tools of Peace for considering us a Story of Peace in Montreal in 2018. Thank you also to Rising Youth, the Canadian Council for Refugees, the CPRMV, Antiracist Football in Montreal, the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal, Brain Reach, the CSAI, and the Montreal Canadians Children Foundation.