Equitas and Say Ça! a lasting and positive collaboration

Human rights at the heart of Say Ça!

In 2021, Say Ça! activities have taken a new turn. Through our collaboration with Equitas, our new programs have been specifically designed to address several human rights themes. 

Every Saturday since January, Say It! youth have participated in a multitude of activities on topics ranging from environmental protection to social inclusion initiatives and anti-racism projects.

The community as the starting point

The collective reflection began around the theme of “community” and the positive impact that each individual can generate by engaging in community activities: How can we contribute to the common good?

Accompanied by Secondary 5 students from École secondaire Rive-Nord, our group of young people then continued this reflection by exchanging concrete and varied examples of community projects: organ donation, lake clean-up, implementation of composting, drawings for the protection of animals in danger, etc.

In the weeks that followed, Natasha Doyon, Victoria Wong, Sakinah Ghauri, and Marion Miseriaux facilitated group activities that took the dialogue further with the active participation of youth:

  • What makes a community and what are the obstacles to its flourishing?
  • What are the problems of our society today?
  • What are the 30 human rights?
  • How can human rights be linked to racism and environmental issues?
  • How to express our ideas through art?

What is civic engagement?

There are several types of commitment, including civic commitment, social commitment and humanitarian commitment.

According to Equitas, civic engagement is defined as the active and democratic participation of community members in the development and well-being of their community.

In particular, the committed citizen:

  • Is aware of his/her right and responsibility to participate actively in the life of his/her community and country;
  • Integrates human rights values into its actions;
  • Reflects critically and constructively on own experiences and biases;
  • Identifies problems that affect the community and helps to solve them;
  • Participates actively and democratically in the realization of concrete actions for the benefit of the whole community and the country.

Concrete actions to get involved

At Say Ça! our work is based on volunteerism and encourages youth to become engaged citizens in their community. Since the beginning of the new human rights activities, the youth have undertaken several projects with the support of their tutors, including

  • A comic book to fight against racism
  • Drawings and posters and even a song for the protection of the environment
  • Co-leading a virtual yoga workshop

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Equitas for their support and guidance, and to our volunteers and special guests who have contributed greatly to the creation of our human rights activities.

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Sakinah Ghauri  www.sghauricatc.ca  

Animal welfare project https://www.instagram.com/oceannes_art/  

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