McGill University tour

On the morning of October 27th 2018, our students went to visit McGill University with the help of our Say Ca team. We split into different teams of 4 or 5 based on their age and interests and performed a self-guided tour of the downtown Campus. Thanks to our couple volunteers who are actual students at McGill, the students were able to freely discuss and ask questions about student life in Montreal, the different academic opportunities universities in Canada offer and the process of application at McGill. During the tour, we were able to visit different buildings and get a feeling of the different faculties proposed by the university.Our tour ended with a trip to the RedPath Museum in the heart of the campus where we were able to warm up while discovering the various relics the museum has to offer. On that day, the museum was hosting a small science fair with different activities our students got to participate in as well.

Overall, this was a very enriching opportunity for our group, giving them a chance to see for themselves the university student experience in Canada where hopefully many will stay to study later on!

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